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Monday, October 4, 2010

Home (Entry 33)

Last Radiation Treatment
On Friday October 1 we went to the Cancer Center for my last radiation treatment. Rather than leave right away for Gander,we decided to spend two more nights,so Karen could have Saturday with Joshua and Emma,and I could prepare for the trip home.

Believe me,that wasn't as easy as it sounds. The process of the Chemotherapy and Radiation is marching on,and I don't expect any respite within the next two or three weeks.
My present weight is 135 lbs

Friday Afternoon found me tired,hurting,and nauseous. I went to bed,and pretty much had to stay there until the evenings when our dear friend from Gander came and hooked me up to an I.V. to get some fluids and medications into my body.
On Sunday morning,fortified with Gravol and a few other anti nausea drugs, I gingerly made my way to the car,covered up in my blanket,and prayed that the dizziness would settle down.

By the time we got to the divided highway, I was feeling much better. I took Karen's hand for a squeeze and said "We are going home." Simple words yes,but they filled us both with emotion and hope. I fell asleep not waking until just outside Clarenville. By the time we reached Terra Nova Park,I was sleeping again.

So,we are home. Back in Gander,and I don't have to head out over the road again this week! Thanks be to God.
Remember what St. Paul Said to Timothy? :
I have finished the course. I have kept the faith.

I know the course is not yet completely run, but finishing those treatments is a major step in my healing. I know I have been blessed,wrapped in the arms of Love,extended by Jesus and the Father,through His Church - Through all of you.

Another Amazing Blessing.
I have written about my Grand Children, Joshua 7,Emma 4 (almost 5) and ,Delilah, 21 months
Delilah lives away,and is still far too young to understand what is happening to her Grandfather.
We spent several weeks in and out of Torbay while I was undergoing treatments,and stayed with our Daughter Chanda,and son in Law Jason. It was a real blessing for us to be with them during this time. My schedule of appointments was determined day by day,so we never really knew in advance when I would have to go to the hospital. We did go every day,sometimes as many as three times.
Joshua and Emma have been nearby ever since they were babies. Even when the family moved to Torbay,they have been with us regularly,whenever they can. They both adore Karen,who gives them as much time,love and attention as she can pack into each visit. Their energy levels are quite high!
Joshua and Emma are at the stage where they are old enough to ask serious questions,and young enough to accept simple,honest answers. "Is Pop going to die?" was one of them.
Young children are emotionally honest. They express their true feelings freely and spontaneously. For that reason,we explained as best we could what was happening with Pop. They watched me use my feeding tube,take my medications,receive an I.V.
Sometimes they would very quietly sneak down to my room,for a little cuddle,or to give me a blanket and say "I Love you Pop." When they were around me,I believe the Lord bestowed upon them a spirit of gentleness and healing that they passed on to me.
It was amazing how gentle and loving they were. Just like Jesus.


Anonymous said...

I have just finished reading your last update...and I was very touched...you have a way of making me realize how important life really is to those who we surround. My love for my family and friends is a very true love today, and I have to thank God that he gave me another chance to see and feel the love. Today I am a very thankful person to be accepted into the family of St.Matins has certainly guided me to a more faithful life. I thank the lord who has bought you in my path and helped me when I was down...your belief in God has kept me well, and for that I thank you...get lots of rest, and we'll take care of the prayers...Colette

Anonymous said...

Rev John, You are the most amazing person I have ever known. The way you have of expressing things, and the way you put things into words. You have a special gift for sure.
SO glad you have finished those treatments, & now you are on the road to recovery, I hope it won't be too long before you feel so much better. We pray for a complete healing for you. As you told us 12 years ago, you will look at this as a bad year in your life. You were so right, Larry is doing wonderful. Today we were married 36 years, We are so thankful for everything and we thank you for all your encouragement at that time in our life. Now, we are praying for you, just as you were for us. You are are special person to us, and may you be healed to continue in his work, because you do it so well. We will continue to pray for you.

Larry & Shirley

Anonymous said...

welcome home....

irene.saunders said...

Welcome home Rev. John .. You are on the road to recovery however long it may take .... God bless you and your family...

Anonymous said...

Rev John,
This is the first time I have commented on your posts. I have received strength and support from your writings. My mother, whom you see sometimes at the Gander Cancer clinic, has also been going through treatments. I know how your children feel watching you go through this and I have discovered that it is the love and strength of a family that gets us all through each day.

What made me answer you today was the honesty you have all used in dealing with your grandchildren. My son and daughter are teenagers so they have a bit more of an understanding of what is happening. Right from the start we made the decision not to hide the truth from them. They have too strong a bond and relationship with their grandmother for me to lie to them, it wouldn't be fair. That truth is often hard to say out loud and for them, probably just as hard to hear but we handle it together. It has made them appreciate every moment they have that much more.

Thank you your words of love, strength, and honesty. The tears I shed each time I read this blog help me to relieve some of the tension and stress that cancer has brought into my life.

God Bless you and Welcome home.

Anonymous said...


Geralidine Cake said...

Glad to hear you are home and hopefully doing much better, your words of love and strenth and courage is wonderful to read about,may God Continue to give you all that you need to carry on his work, Happy thankgiving to you and your family