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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back in Hospital Entry #35

Well. Well.
Wednesday night was just getting started,and I was running a temp,the night wasn't full of promise,but I but still felt that maybe by tomorrow I would be doing okay. Our friend Joni drops in with the news that my latest blood test was showing lower numbers still – all around.
You must come to the Cancer Center tomorrow for blood.
I know she is right. I had been harbouring what I can only describe as a low, sickly feeling. And I really knew that it was taking far too long to recover this time; my heart is slowing starting to hurt because it senses I am on a slippery slide heading back to the hospital. I was right.
When we got to the clinic and were settled in the bed, with blood cultures done, I was given two units of blood. After a time Dr. St. Croix comes to share the news that the blood cultures show no strange activity but there is confirmation of a bladder infection. The only cure was intravenous antibiotics , and in her gentle but firm way, I will have to be admitted to get all of this under control. I know she is right. She has been always, gently firmly and blessedly accurate in all her dealings with me and I trust her absolutely.
With a stiff upper lip, we head upstairs to see our old friends on the medical unit.
As always these nurses are God blessings upon a weary body and soul.

But That's not all this week had in store for me.
Through the past week me ole bum was getting tender. On the left cheek, a tenderness grew into a visible spot which became larger and larger. The hospital staff dealt with it right away with a big bandage, and by telling me to stay off it; I am thankful that I have just regained the ability to sleep on my sides again. On Thursday thought i just might be feeling the twinges of something on my right bum cheek. I passed it off as quickly as possible, because the very idea of an abscess forming in the midst of all this was unthinkable. On Friday its prescence was known to me and i intended to speak to Dr. St Croix about it, but she left before I was able. By Saturday evening it was noticeable.(a very scary feeling for me –one of these alone is more than enough to put you in hospital) But, thanks be to god it broke while I was sitting up. Made quite a mess, but after all was cleaned up we thanked the good Lord that surgery would not be required.

So here I am on Monday the 18, with Karen, back in hospital, waiting to get home. We hope to be there soon. Maybe tomorrow?
Places and times like this can be a real oasis on a long and troubled journey. Karen and I were talking and I said "We probably won’t see any visitors tonight will we?"
"John this is just what you needed. This is the first night you have been conscious since we have been here." She was right- almost every hour I have spent in this period of isolation, I have been sound asleep.
So I wait upon the Lord, expecting a re-charge that is both physical and spiritual.
On Tuesday we went home.
I am feeling better ,Thank the Lord for His Mercies -,and all my friends for your prayers


Anonymous said...

Not sure what to write after reading all of what you have been through. All I keep thinking is thank you God for pulling you through all of this and pray that soon it will all be a distant memory. Until then our thoughts and prayers are with you from Alberta to Ireland.

Anonymous said...

As you wish,as always

Sherry said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you, as always, John!

Darlene Blagdon said...

Hi Rev. Watton: It's me again. I've been reading your entries with tears in my eyes. I know what your going through. The effects of chemo and radiation do get worse after you get home for the first two to three weeks. But hang in there, it will soon start to turn around and you'll start feeling better. Your almost there. The thing that helped me the most was the fluids, either through a shake or just plain water. It's amazing how fluids make you feel so much better. Keep up the great fight and I'll keep you in my prayers.
Darlene Blagdon

Anonymous said...

love and prayers john and karen

sharon said...

ya john and karen,just remember that you have being a real blessing to more people than you will every know...I'm so thankful that you two are important in my life... thanks for always being there. love sharon

Collette Attwood said...

Hi Rev.John;
I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better.My prayer is that you have been through the valley and soon you'll be on top of the mountain.May God continue to give you strength for today and hope for tomorrow.I read your blog faithfully.Your faith and determination is immeasurable.God bless you and yours.
Collette & family.