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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Specialist (entry 4)

It's May 26 and I am sitting in an E.N.T specialists outer waiting room in St. John's

We arrived early from Gander ,so after giving the receptionist my information we sat to wait.
It took a while, so I spent my time chatting with Karen, playing checkers on my smart phone,and observing people.

Here at the doctor's office we see all kinds of folks.
All kinds of Ear, Nose and Throat concerns happening here. Old folks,young folks , teens, - one young man with a Blackberry AND an i-pod. Moms with little children - tonsils maybe? Who knows.
Every time I see small kids waiting for a doctor, I always ask God to bless them.

I am going to be so glad when he tells me I have a problem with a gland that just requires day surgery...or something like that.

This office is shared by several doctors. Once in a while you see someone come down the hall, drop off some files before heading back down the hall. Within a minute someone calls three or four names,and the resulting small group is ushered to a new waiting area.

I see this blur..it's a doctor.
I can tell because he is wearing one of those old fashioned circular reflectors on his head.
He's a blur, simply because he walks so fast.
Up and down the hall way...making phone calls, telling the receptionist what he needs done.
All business.

Waiting . It's a trial. Finally I am sent down the hall and Karen waits again -by herself.
A few more minutes and he tells me to go into his room and sit in the red chair. I do, and he rushes off down the hallway again.
I count 19 certificates in his office.
Pretty impressive - almost intimidating. I know how much work goes into getting just one of these!

He comes in , plops in a chair,and says "What can I do for you today?"

I start to explain, and before I am really finished , he schoochies his chair over to within inches of my face.
Down with the reflector, on with a light .
Snap. On with the rubber Gloves.
I'm a little nervous, because I know what's coming.
"Lets have a look."
Open wide – and in go the fingers.

These are practised hands that know where to go ,and what to look for.
He finds a lump.
"Wow! "He says, "It's in the subcutaneous tissue. Can you feel this?"
“Yebth an ut reully hurbts!".
His curiosity is aroused and he really starts to dig those fingers in.
I want to think of something smart to say to him like”are you related to my dentist?” but honestly, the pain, is so great that for the first time dealing with this becomes scary.
His business-like attitude and quickness adds to the sense of severity that I am feeling at the moment.
"Here, sit in this other chair." He stands behind me and places his hands on my neck ,pulling and squeezing.

"Okay. There's something there. You will need a C/T. Scan, and maybe a Biopsy. I'll have to put you to sleep for that ."
"Come with me ."
Down the hall way we go , around a corner,he moves so fast that I lose sight of him
I hear him speaking to a medical secretary.

This is a a turning Point for me.

I realize that he is not saying "This is no big deal..."
I realize that he is actually phoning Gander to arrange a C.T. Scan
He is using the word Emergency .

I won't be flying out to Nova Scotia for General Synod this week.

He tells me to be at Gander Hospital tomorrow morning for the scan, and be back in his office on Tuesday.

Back to the waiting room I go to set the appointment, and find Karen.
I am shaken,and she knows it.
Grace Lord,please,just a little more Grace.
What is going on?


Squidge said...

I love you so very much. I can't be there with you right now but I am there in your heart!

Susan said...

Rev. Watton:

I was forwarded your blog from Robyn Riley (who was forwarded it from her grandfather - Winston Walters). I remember you fondly from your time as a minister in St. Alban's in Grand Bank (even though I was very young).

I just felt like commenting to let you know how I find your words to be both insightful and beautiful. I am thinking of you and admire your strength and outlook throughout your posts. I wish you all the best and I hope that love surrounds you right now.

I will remember you fondly, always. Please keep posting, I'll be reading.

-Susan Piercey

brent_val said...

Hey Revd. John
You may not remember me but I am Jim Muggridge's daughter Val. Mom told me about your illness and I have been thinking about you and your family quite alot as Mom and I know what your family is feeling. I have learned that support from your family and friends will give you strength you never knew you had. As, I read your posts, you seem very strong. The power of prayer is great. It got me through alot of hard times as I am sure it does for alot of people. My Dad had alot of respect for you and really apppreciated it when you were there for him to give him comfort. Faith is wonderful and I have learned this from my Dad. Just remember that you have alot of people that are praying and thinking of you near and far. I will continue to read your posts and pray for you as you go through this journey.

love and prayers
Val, Brent and family.