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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Seeing The Dentist (entry 3)

My local Doctor had set up an appointment for me to see an E.N.T. , but it was taking some time.

Around the middle of May I decided it was time to go see my dentist for a checkup and an assesment of any work I might need done.

I always feel guilty before setting up a dental appointment because I know I have been delinquent in regular dental care. So , I make the appointment a few days early ,then after brush my teeth about six times a day because I don't want him to think I don't care about my teeth.

This time however, I am feeling far more anxious about things,and determine to ask the dentist for an opinion.
While there, I tell him about my throat issues (which I describe as a possible sinus infection or T.M.J) and he says "I don't think so"

Fast as a jackrabbit he snaps on the rubber gloves and starts poking around in my mouth.

How long have you been having this problem? "Ug dobin rully kobd" says I (because he has his fingers in my mouth. He knows exactly what I am saying. How do they do that?

"Stick out your tongue."

I do..but it is not far enough.

He grabs some gauze,wraps it around my tongue and pulls.

Ouch! (It really Hurt)

"Sorry. "He says, "Sorry ."and proceeds to pull harder.

Within seconds he discovers a mass under the tongue and tells me I need to see a specialist.

I tell him that appointment has already been made.
He takes lots of Xrays,writes a report and makes sure the information gets to the specialist I am about to see.

This whole time is rough - not just because of the examination, but because I am submitting to the truth that something has happened to me - something has gone wrong.

I also sense that this dentist is concerned about me. It helps.

I think about a part of Psalm 139 :
Search me,O God and know my heart,test me and know my anxious thoughts.

Thanks Doc. You are a great dentist!
I feel a little scared about what is ahead,but thankful that I am on the road to figuring this out.

13 days later, I am on the road to St. John's to see a man about my future.

May the Grace of Christ follow me on this road.

P.S. up to this point I was still recovering from surgery. As a result of that, I was placed in the hands of our local Public Health Nurses. I have no hesitation in saying that I received God's grace through their care. Compassionate and caring people are incredible healers,and you have blessed me.

Stephanie, you know what I mean.

Thank you.


Becky said...

Rev John,

What a touching blog. You're in our thoughts and prayers.

Stephanie said...

It was an honor to care for you after your surgery. It was an unfortunate way to get to know someone better, but getting to know you and Karen more was a blessing to me. (You know what I mean!)
If there is anything I can do as a friend or a nurse as you go through the next part of this journey please don't hesitate to call.
My thoughts are with you and your family.
Love and prayers,

Gertie Hodder said...

Well Well I was reading all of the blog here and I am so amazed of your courage and your faith in God.I know you are trusting in him. There is a song that I just learned and it says

He understands when all I can do is cry
He feels the hurt that no one can see down inside
And when the words get in the way I know he still hears
For he understands my tears.

Keep holding on to his nailscarred hand

God Bless

Anonymous said...

When you feel like you have no one to talk to or you have no one to listen..Look up-Because you have a God who loves you more than anything:)

Shelly said...

Hi! I also read your entry # 4 regarding your visit to the specialist. But I can't resist from commenting. You and my husband had the almost the same experience. He's been complaining about his throat, but that was before we visited our very nice and patient dentist in Memphis. He examined his tongue and immediately told to find a specialist. Even the other dentists (Memphis) who gathered in the room where he was examined told us the same.
I hope you're doing fine by now. I bookmarked your blog so I can read the follow-up entries for this issue. Thanks!