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Thursday, June 10, 2010

C.T. Scan and Follow Up (entry 5)

It's amazing how fast things can happen.
(May 27 ) I am sitting in the imaging department of James Paton Hospital.

I have a long standing connection with this hospital . In 1977 I worked with a local garage that had landed a service contract to take care of the hospital vehicles.
They had one truck in particular that was too big to fit into our service bays,so I would do the oil changes and safety inspections outside - winter or summer,rain or shine. I didn't mind either. It was nice to be doing something for the hospital. I took pride in that contract!
Thats how I learned the hospital phone number. I have never forgotten it.
My children were all born at James Paton . I visited that hospital as a volunteer during my mechanic days and I have visited that hospital as a priest for almost twenty years.

James Paton hospital is a place of Grace. Even though things do go wrong in hospitals sometimes and they can be places of great sadness, I know that God uses our hospitals and the people who work there to bring incredible healing, hope,comfort and light to those who are feeling the cold and dark power of the Valley of Shadows.

Anyway...back to the imaging department.
I check with the receptionist there, and after a while they let me know that they will be able to fit me in for the C.T. "emergency scan".
Not sure when, so I settle my heart (and Butt) for a long wait.

My mouth is really hurting this morning . (from all the probing I guess.. still tired from all the travelling too. It makes me weary and discouraged .
At one point while waiting to see what they can do for me, I look up and see one of the C.T. scan people. She is a member of our congregation,and I have had many wonderful chats with her over the years. She smiles and waves when she sees me (before she knew why I was there).
A smile and a wave is always a gift friends.
Always a blessing.

Within a few minutes the C.T. scan is underway, and I am back to the rectory for a little rest.

I had been told by my doctor in town that he could not tell me anything specific until after the C/T scan,and to meet with him back in his office on Tuesday June 1.
The drive back to St. John's seems long. The appointment is short .
The doctor tells me that it is just what he expected. A mass is growing under my tongue,and we need a biopsy to tell us what to do next.
Be at St. Clares' on Thursday for preadmission,and I'll see you on Friday for surgery. The appointments are set. He dismisses me with a reassuring pat on the back.
We have been staying in Torbay with our daughter Chanda, Son in Law Jason and the Grandkids,and when we get back to the house start making those anxious phone calls to our other daughters.

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