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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Something's Not Right (entry 2)

Just a note:
I am hoping to be able to post several entries over the next few days in order to get on track with current events. Things are happening quickly- an M.R.I . on Monday in St. John's, Starting Chemotherapy back in Gander on Tuesday.

Somethings happening to me....

A common question you ask others (and I am learning you ARE asked by a lot of people) is "When did you start feeling this?"

It's a fair question because it relays a sense of concern and provides a starting point to a conversation.

I don't know about you, but I am willing to confess :

Many times after chatting with someone I knew was seriously ill, I would wonder what it was really like to find out "You're a diabetic", "You have serious heart trouble","This is permanent" or "You have Cancer".

There was always a response from deep within saying"I hope it never happens to me."

There was always a response from deep within saying "Lord help me to be a good minister to those who are hurting and never take their suffering for granted. Let me prove my compassion and your compassion not only with my lips,but with my life "

We live in a VERY busy parish and I take the work seriously.
One of my main goals for St. Martin's is to see it grow as a family united and connected by a common faith. That's a tall order when you consider how many different types of people and families we have!

It takes a lot of planning , sacrificing of time,and a lot of energy!

Normally after Christmas and Easter, I encourage our staff to take a few down days. This is to recover from the demands of the season and the self-giving that goes with being a minister through the fall and the time leading up to Christmas. It gives us a chance to recharge,spend time with our families and get caught up on some of the things we really need to take care of.

This past year, that has been harder for me than usual. Normally when the fall of the year comes I am rested and raring to go! I can't wait for the fall programs to begin in the parish and see our people getting busy with planning,fellowship and new ideas.

I love the fall of the year. There is wood to cut,gardens to rake,the smell of wood smoke mixed with early frost...what a wonderful time.
As many of you know, I have a small house in Glenwood that I am renovating in stages. This fall I installed new windows and siding - and let me tell you I certainly enjoyed the days that I could "get away" and work on the place.
It was there that I first recognized that I was not myself.
At first you blame the busyness,then a head cold, maybe the flu.
One evening, sitting on the scaffold in the fading sun , I reached up to put on a piece of siding, leaned my head against the wall,closed my eyes and said out loud,"Lord, I'm not feeling well."

Tired. Always Tired.
Had a sore throat that I had been blaming on sinus trouble. Time to see a Doctor, time to get more rest, Dear God, please take care of my family if anything should go wrong with me.... Nahhh nothings wrong...you just need to take better care of youself.

I ended up in the Hospital during March to deal with another problem which required some surgery. The load of antibiotics I received while there could have wiped out every germ and bug within a ten mile radius!

This recovery went well, and I was soon up and about. So glad to be back....
However that nagging sore throat didn't go away,I certainly didn't need any more antibiotics...so my Doctor set up an appointment with an E.N.T.


karenmoulton said...

So glad to hear that things are happening fast
and that you can do chemo here in Gander. We
are all saying a prayer for you and Karen and
your family. You have helped me through a lot
and I look forward to more chats when you
get past this. Just to let you know, Larry
is not driving his truck as much these days.

mammydiaries said...

The smell of woodsmoke on a cold fall night... That's something that I really miss.