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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mixtures and Adjustments Entry 16

July 8 2010
When was a teenager I was captured by a love for mechanical things. Like most teens , I longed to be able to drive my own vehicle. There were far more teenagers in those days who did not have a license or a car,so if you were among the privileged few you were noticed by your peers!
At age 15 I traded off a guitar and purchased my first auto. It was a 1959 Volkswagen. I had a little money saved too, so I was actually able to get the thing running. I learned how to drive by sneaking around the back trails and paths that surrounded Glenwood. That thing was better than any quad!
I finished high school in 1976 at age 16,and had no hesitation as to what I wanted to do. I signed up for ``Trade School`` and took the course known as Motor Vehicle Repair.
Ralph Miller, soon to become friend and mentor, was my shop instructor .It was from Ralph that I first learned how important carburetors mixtures and adjustments were for the overall economy,efficiency and satisfaction one hoped to experience from an automobile.
You simply have to have the proper mixture of ingredients,and the right balance in the right amount to make things run smoothly.

The same is true for everyday life!

Over the years as a minister,I have used certain phrases over and over because I believe them to be very effective in conversation. One phrase that I use came to me from a patient I met when I was doing my pastoral training. He said to me "Your world gets pretty small in the moment you receive the news and hear the word Cancer."

I woke this morning,around 5:30 a.m. feeling the effects of my chemotherapy.
Even though his is my second treatment and I have a far better idea of what to expect,the changes in my life have been hitting like a ton of bricks.
The words that came to my mind were the ones I have chosen as a theme for my writing today..Life is indeed a series of Mixtures and Adjustments.,and I sure need some Carburetor work right now!
Some of the adjustments are being forced on me by this illness, some I must choose to make,and still others are God inspired and administered through His Spirit,and all of the people who are reaching out to us right now.

My final decision to write this blog came from my wife Karen's inspiration.She had the insight to see that writing would help me cope ,fulfil my desire to see the Church blessed through my Illness and provide honest ,open information to those who want to follow along.
Through it I am able to share the journey with you, and I thank you for being here.

There is something else too!
This is not Just about Revd. John having cancer. I believe that we all need to stop from time to time and let God have a major word about what is going on in our lives.
When I awoke with this theme "Mixtures and Adjustments" on my mind, I realized that this blog has the potential to bless people on totally different avenues of life where they too have found for various reasons , the path dark,lonely and devastating. There are sightings of Grace where ever you go friend, Everywhere.
So it is then that I commit my self to sharing with you,in the hope and knowledge that the ties that bind us together will open up doors of healing love for us all.
I welcome your stories and emails,and the way people have been opening their hearts to me as of late.

There is one more thing to remember ....
I am Not Superman! I .... have been afraid and anxious . I have worried about what happens next. We have been shedding some tears.

Cancer tells you that you are mortal -You have a fight on your hands.

is telling me that I have a friend and a guide through all the new relationships and realities that are part of my " daily Life." My eyes and heart are opened to new possibilities,and I am rather excited about seeing God's will fulfilled in all of this.

I was a pretty good carburetor man in my time. I always had the knack of finding that spot where there was no hesitation between a smooth idle and a full bore acceleration.
Now I am asking for more grace as I continue to be a student of our Lord's perfect will. With God`s grace I am still learning to be a good adjuster of what life throws at me,my family,and the Church that he has caused me to love so much.

This seems a good time to quote the serenity prayer which has been adapted by so many,for many different reasons.

God, grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference. Through Jesus Christ our Lord,


Squidge said...


Cindy/Tim said...

Hey John and Karen
Me again, thinking of you all the time, praying for you has become a heart prayer, no words are necessary from the lips, wish we were there to support you at all times. We will be in Gander next week, will check in with you guys then. Relax and let those mixtures work, all we need is a little mustard seed faith with a big dollop of God's miracles, a little pinch of adjustment and you'll be back good as new maybe even better. Love you Cindy

Stella said...

This is nice...very heartfelt. I love the serenity prayer. And of course you're not Superman, but a good mechanic runs a pretty close second. When you're well again you might consider a book. :-)

brent_val said...

Hey Rev. John

It's Val(Jim's daughter)again. I do hope you remember me. Anyhow...your post was inspiring. They all are. Sometimes I have dark moments of missing Dad but when I read your journal, it gives me a whole defferent prospective. I never knew you very well as when I was growing up our rector was Rev.Reid but through your blogs I am getting you know you better and understand why Dad spoke well of you. Now.....don't let all these compliments go to your head. Ha! Ha! Anyway....you are an inspiration and I will continue to keep in touch. I am coming home at the end of this month for a couple of weeks to help Mom move. Can't wait to get home. Hopefully, I may see you then. Keep writing!

Lots of love and prayers

John and Hilda Waugh said...

You and Karen are an inspiration to everyone! God bless you both, you are in our prayers!!

John and Hilda

gjeanraymond said...

Many prayers and much love!! Bill, Jean and Eileen

wanda said...

I read today "when you think you are going to fall , the Lord will either catch you or teach you how to fly"
Praying for you and your family everyday.

DJ said...

Rev John,

I'd like to share this with you,

~~~~~A favorite sermon of mine~~~~~~

I thank you for showing me your heart as a man, as a father, as a servant, friend and Child of God. I see why He had chosen you... I thank you for your humility and transparency. I am blessed each day through how I see you leaning on God's provisions day in and day out. You continue to teach the seeking and willing hearts who love the same Big God as You. Love and Prayer Always to You.

Debra Jean White Stewart

Attwood Family said...

Hi Rev.John,
Saw your picture and thought "he looks like Howie Mandell." Been thinking of you a lot today.We had Rev.Trevors farewell service and of course I thought of your farewell and all the memories created while you were our priest.
I also have many wonderful memories of the Trevors family as well.I will miss them no doubt.I am praying for you and your family just as our congregation prayed for you this morning.
Remember you are loved today,tomorrow and always.
Take Care & remember be good to those Nurses(ha).
Collette & family.