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Friday, July 2, 2010

July 2 (entry 13)

It's been a pretty full day.
This morning we were joined by our three Grandchildren for breakfast;it was wonderful to hear the house buzzing with chatter and laughter.
Jason has taken Joshua and Emma up across Gander Lake for the night.
Tomorrow Chanda heads back to Torbay to work,while Jason remains for the weekend with the kids.

I had an appointment at the Cancer Clinic with Dr. St. Croix this morning. God love her - she brought me back a Teddy bear from her trip. It has an "I Love hugs" logo on it. It made my day!
This morning we visited the results of my last M.R.I. and C.T.Scan.
These tests were ordered because there was an indication of spots - one in my liver and the other in my neck. I am glad to say that neither was anything to be concerned about. We now have a clear idea of my cancer, It is in my tongue,the tissue beneath,and may involve a small portion of my upper throat.

The other concern at the present is my weight loss. I have lost another 11 pounds since beginning therapy ,and we know I cannot afford to lose any more weight,so we will take steps to get the nutrition I need into my body. On Monday I will be having a feeding tube inserted so that I can be fed directly. I will still be able to eat if I choose. (Thanks everyone for the food you have been dropping off. I am trying a bit of everything,and will keep trying!)
The game plan for me this week is to head off to James Paton for admission on Monday,when the feeding tube will be installed. Tuesday I will start chemotherapy for 120 straight hours again. There is a wedding at St. Martin's next weekend that I will be officiating.
I have made arrangements to be unhooked for a few hours on Friday,and Saturday to conduct the ceremony. I am looking forward to celebrating the marriage ceremony with Dean and Tina,and all of St. Martin's. If I am able,I will preside at the 8:30 service this Sunday morning.

My hair loss continued to pick up speed,so we took care of that. Mona (Joshua and Emma's other Nan) came by during lunch time and shaved my head. I look like Shawn Wiseman's older brother! Karen likes it anyway.

I wanted to leave this blog today with a special story. some of the young people of our church who attend Gander Academy gathered together to have a prayer for me. It touched my heart when I found out. It is a wonderful thing when I realise that our young people are not afraid to show their faith. I asked Emily to tell me about it in her own words,so I could share it with you:

What I was saying about us praying is that when we all found out you were sick all the kids in my class from our church sat down together and started to pray. Someone asked us what we were doing and I replied "we are praying for someone we love" they asked who and I said "our priest, he is like family" they then asked how and I said " were a church and were a family" they still didn't understand but to all of us it meant something. We all promised to pray for you everyday and I know I have Rev.John! Love you!! Feel better Rev.John!!
God Bless everyone. Have a wonderful evening!


Attwood Family said...

Still crying,still praying,still missing you so much.Hang in there.We all know he's a healing Jesus.Love to Karen.
Collette & family.

Stella said...

Wow! Beyond words, isn't it. Just pure love - all that matters.

Anonymous said...


karenmoulton said...

The family you are creating will extend far and
wide and they are learning to care for each other and reach out to others of all ages. Thank you for all you do to help create this and
to keep passing it on through your illness.

chris coates said...

Rev. John
i have been thinking about you so many time when i was walking on the airport blvd passing your house and i have said that i am praying for you to get better and get back to st. martin's church again and it was really nice for you to have all that family to see you, get well soon and god really love you so much i know god will be praying for you to get better soon. god bless

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

I just came across this site one day while web surfing and I thought you might find it interesting! It's about Insulin Targeting Cancer therapy. Basically it uses a dose of insulin to target cancer cells more efficiently then followed by a smaller dose of chemotherapy than a person would normally need. I don't presume to interfere or anything but every bit of knowledge I think is helpful! Here is the link: http://cancertutor.com/Cancer02/IPT.html

Hope you are feeling well soon!
-Cassandra and Roy at Newfoundband Music Store!

Emily said...

I love you rev.John! Feel better soon.. you will be in my prayers! We miss you!
And it's true, in everything we all are family and love each other!
Emily L.
P.S: i'll be here for you!

Anonymous said...

‎'Faith is that light in your heart that keeps on shining even when it's all darkness outside'

Tom Lambert said...

I am glad I met you. You inspire me and others by your writings. You have made me realize how fragile life is. I must have: a positive attitude, enjoy life and, not forget my Creator. I am praying for you and your family.