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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to Church for Morning Prayer ,Off To Town for an MRI Entry 21

On Sunday (July 25) I was able to attend morning worship at the Cathedral. Overall I have been feeling pretty good. I have been able to see a few people at the rectory and make some telephone and email connections.

Some of the things that take the pressure off me in relation to Parish life begin with the fact that summer is here. Things slow down in the parish during the summer months (they don't stop!), so I have a sense of peace - I have a sense that we are all resting and building up strength and our anticipation for the fall.

Also,we have a wonderful group of leaders at St. Martin's. Our Wardens and Vestry are faithful and committed to our mission,and have been very supportive of my journey back to health.
The same can be said for the members of our Parish.
On Sunday morning during the sermon,I was able to say "Thank You"to everyone and assure them that I can fell the powe of their prayers and love!
We all know that I have a way to go,and that from August to October I will be undergoing some intensive radiation and chemotherapy at the same time.

I am not looking forward to it -at least not the part where I lose all appetite and taste,and possibly some of my hearing.These things will be out of my control,as will be the amount of pain that is yet to come.
I am however , standing on thankfulness and faith!
I am remembering that the goal that I press toward is health and a life blessed by God,family and the fellowship of my Church.
I look forward to that!

There is a passage in Philippians 3:14 that I love: I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.
To me this passage is a reminder of the providence and care that comes from the One whom I trust with all that I am,and all that I will ever be.
My commitment to serve and honour Christ has not wavered,and my prayer is that God will use me to bless others,and draw us all closer to His heart and to each other.

I was able to have a meeting with our Church Wardens Yesterday morning before I left for St. John's. Together we discussed the activities taking place in the parish,and got caught up on things. I thank God for the ministries of Carl and Debbie. They represent our vestry and people well! They have reminded me that though my illness has changed the face of my ministry,my it has continued and grown in other areas. I am thankful that this blog has been a blessing to people.
I am also very thankful for the ongoing lay ministries that make our Church what it is- a warm and welcoming community,where together we are learning how to follow Jesus in our time.
I thank God for the staff of St. Martin's - Our Clergy, Brian and Harvey who faithfully exercise their ministries with love and hope. For Derek and Tracey for caring about our property and people,Revd. Arnold Torraville for his ongoing ministry of visiting,and Bishop David,my friend and rock through all of this.

MRI Today
We drove in from Gander yesterday. I am at Torbay,in my daughter's house. It is very quiet here because the Grand kids are with their parents back in Gander. It is different,for sure. This house is usually buzzing with noise and activity!
At any rate,the quietness matches my mood. I started typing this around 6 a.m. this morning. I awoke early after a good night's sleep and am getting ready for the day.
Today is the day the process of answering some big questions begins. I am scheduled for an MRI at 2:00. Tomorrow I see some specialists about the radiation therapy.
I am not at all apprehensive about machines or testing,but obviously am anxious to hear the answer to the question "Has the Chemotherapy shrunk the tumour?" and "how do things look for the future?"
I know from past experience with family and friend who have had cancer how it feels just before an appointment. I am no different - but I will meet this day with a smile,with hope and with love in my heart.
I'll let you know how things go!


Gordon Downer said...

Hope you get better soon, God bless

Stella said...

I don't know if they can fit us all in the appointment rooms, but there are an awful lot of people there with you today! God bless you and Karen! :-D

Anonymous said...

HI...This is my first time reading your blog. My mom told me that you have been writing one.You are so strong to share your thoughts and progress with everyone. We have all been thinking of you and praying that you stay strong and get well soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your famliy. Take care Maria, Ben, Kendra and Nick(DYSON)

Geraldine, Baxter & Victoria said...

Hi Rev.John and Karen,

Thinking of you today and everyday. Our prayers and thoughts will be with you as you await the results of the MRI. We are confident that the tumor has shrunk as you have been feeling better lately. Looking forward to hearing good news. Take care and God Bless.

Cindy/Tim said...

Hi John and Karen:
Please know that our thoughts hearts and prayers are with you in St. John's today. As Stella said there are an awful lot of people with you in that waiting room I know you can feel their presence. Having faith that the tumour has shrunk, we will rejoice with you today. God bless my friend. Stay strong, love you both.

Anonymous said...

John: Be reminded that many prayers have been, are and will be directed heavenward for you. Here at Holy Trinity we are remembering you in corporate prayer at every opportunity, and myself and so many more are doing so daily. God bless you brother as you push forward by His grace & love.