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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Three Years In...Walking out of the Shadow of Death

 I had wanted to get a few miles behind me before I continued to write about this trip.
October 1 marked the third anniversary of finishing the brutal blessing of Cancer treatments.
 I chatted with Dr. Savoury at the Bliss Murphy center a few months back at my last appointment and sort of whined about how devastated I was still feeling because of the emotional and physical impact of these side effects that just won't go away. 
"It affects your Spirituality too ya know?...." Says I, looking for a pearl of wisdom....cough...cough er,... some sympathy.
 He quietly smiled and said "I know. But we see the other side here in the Clinic. We see people who haven't had the treatments, and believe me it's much worse at the far end."

These words have sat with me since my last visit to the Cancer Clinic in town. They were timely words, and provided a little push that I needed. "Get off your butt boy, you do have something here to be thankful for!"
        There is an old saying..."You only need one nail to hang your hat". Time to take that hat off the nail, put it on and go for a walk.
 Today I am heading to James Paton Hospital for an MRI and Chest X-ray . Next week back to the clinic in town to get the results and have another consult.
The week after that.... I will be marking another transition. It's taken a while for this one to come into focus.
     When I was first diagnosed with cancer, my spiritual framework immediately provided me with a shelter- Call it Beth-El if you want. ( The house of God) .  I knew that I had to embark on a journey ...there was no choice.  I turned to a familiar image that helped: Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.
I was convinced that no matter how rough things got, I would catch glimpses of  His Grace and Love through the Journey.

  I thank God for the life I have today.  Struggles? Yes...there are many, but All that surrounds me has meaning and purpose when I connect it to the perspective that Life is a Gift of God...and even suffering is a means of His Grace.
I am about to start writing about how I have dealt with what happens after the treatments are done, the caregivers say "Goodbye and Good Luck"....the journey is still long for many of us,  so I hope to provide some help and encouragement for those who might need it.
I have finally set it in my heart to do what I have been talking about for the past few years as I hoped for physical strength to return.
A 20 Kilometer walk to symbolize walking out of a dark place, into the light.

A 20Kilometer walk to Glenwood in support of the local cancer clinic.
There are many reasons why I want to do this...........
 My own need to do something physically difficult after the ravages of Cancer  and the treatment and in spite of

    the side effects which will accompany me for the rest of my life.
 To honour the people of our parish and beyond,my caregivers, doctors and the Nurses who were incredibly wonderful and supportive ....Spiritually... Physically ....and Financially.

Also...just to lend a helping hand.  In the middle of my treatment I remember meeting a working couple who were unable to meet transportation and lodging costs, so the treatment needed was deferred. It broke my heart. All they needed was a little help with Gas and food...and some encouragement.

The walk is scheduled for  October 26.
I have been already been blessed beyond words by the actions of those who wish to make a donation, and walk with me down the road. I love it when People Walk together.

 You can read about it here: http://www.ourcommunion.org/walk

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