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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Today is October 1,2012.
It is the two year anniversary of the day I finished my treatments,and I am still here!
 I just read my last blog entry - it was written  ten months ago (January 9,2012) to be exact.  A lot has happened since then,including another visit to the operating room;but I can tell you I am doing a whole lot better these days,and have had lots of time to reflect.  I'll soon head back to  town for another visit to the Cancer Clinic. Following that I'll be back writing here to continue this blog. A new writing project is right around the corner ,but first things first!


Geraldine said...

I was thinking of you this morning and wondering if the two years were up yet. Just checked facebook and seen your comment which answered my question. We are sure glad to hear that you are doing well. You are always in our prayers.
Geraldine and Baxter

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Congratulations on the two years. I am the Anglican Priest who is serving as chplain in Goose Bay. Lacey gace me your blog address. You have been through an amazing journey and it looks as if it begins anew even now. I hope you someday break bread with you perhpas here in Goose Bay or maybe before if I end up passing through. I'll be comin to the Rock (I am from Rocky Harbour) right after Christmas day.

Robin Major

Tiffany said...

Hi John!

Thank you for your entry on my caring bridge site! Please feel free to share my cancer dancer video with your congregation! I would be more than honored. :) Happy two years to you!

Anonymous said...

Folks who have been problems leaving comments should be okay now. Blessings!