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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Gift of Faith (Entry 29)

Many people have been in contact with me since this journey began. Although things have settled down, I have been ministered to in so many ways by so many,that my heart will be ever thankful.
I have received notes, calls and letters from folks who have offered kind comments about the strength and character of my faith. Many , (including my own daughters) have expressed amazement that I have been able to stay strong, hopeful, and at peace. (That I havent Lost It!)
I receive these words with gratitude when they come, but constantly admonish my heart to remember faith is a gift of God.
In the midst of my present life, I thank God that my faith remains.
As long as it does, Hope and Love are my constant companions as well!

The Gift of Faith - How do you do it?

What colour faith adds to each of our life's journeys! Think of the amazement little children show as they discover brand new things that only Mom and Dad can explain (or Nan and Pop! I love it. You should have seen Joshua's face when I told him all of my tubes and lines were there because the doctors and nurses were turning me into Spiderman!).
Ponder the times in your life that you kept faith in a friend or a loved one - someone other than yourself, and realized peace,hope and strength as a result.

Then, there is God to consider.
Somewhere in a wonderful and mystical way,God has planted within each of us the desire and ability to believe.
When I was much younger, I envisioned faith to be like a muscle. Once given,it was up to me to value and nurture it.
We all know that if we don't exercise and practise good health habits our muscles and bodies will weaken. As a result ,in times of illness, it is much harder to recover!

So it is with faith. Ecclesiastes 12 reminds us to:

Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near when you will say, "I have no delight in them"

Bless God! It is never too late to start nurturing and growing the gift of faith within.

Getting Caught Up on This Week
This week has been a bit tough. I had several appointments in relation to my ongoing treatment,which meant long hours waiting at the hospital.
My throat is feeling the results of the radiation more and more every day; soreness and pain are constant,and swallowing is becoming increasingly more difficult.
The shingles that I had developed last week have been treated and are responding well so I don't think that my Chemotherapy will be stopped this week. Blood work on Tuesday morning will let us know.
A great challenge for me this week is facing Chemotherapy on Tuesday.
Thanks to the folks at the Cancer clinic and Dr. St. Croix,I now have the prescriptions I need to combat the nausea - but I am not fooling myself, I know the two weeks from Tuesday onward are going to be rough. I sincerely ask for prayer.

We remained in Torbay for the Labour Day weekend. Chanda and Jason headed to Glenwood,so Karen and I are dog sitting and enjoying the company of our Emma. Joshua is also gone to visit his other grandparents in Appleton.

Encouraging Words
Today, please let me encourage you to grow your faith within. We need it to fully see and embrace the "bigger picture" of God's purpose . Faith is not some hopeless or blind attempt to "get through" life. It is a responsible and mature decision to trust in God. It is an acknowledgment that the God who created you,loves you, and waits to be invited into every moment of your days. It is extending the invitation,and walking in Holy Providence, now and forever.

I Try...

I try every day to meditate, pray and give thanks for the blessings in my life. It's not always easy - in fact, some days it's almost impossible,but I submit my heart daily until it surrenders to the Love that is God.

May you be blessed.


Matilda Glen and Family said...

I have been keeping my own journey on my laptop for my eyes to see and it has been reassuring to me. Your blog has kept me in God's faith. I am not a church goer because I can not seem to make the time but I do my own meditating and praying. It is so helpful and relaxing to me. We have been going through a rough time since Glen has been out of work financially and things have been very tight. But now that he is going back to work we will be able to get back to our standard way of living. I have been praying to God in my mind ever since and he is listening I know that. It almost seems like a couple of times that he did answer me and I did feel His presence like you did that day you were really sick. I think even though you are not a church goer that God is at your side no matter what and He don't judge you either. I remember those train stories I could tell you a few too I bet. I know that Joshua is going to be able to hold onto that day forever. Don't be afraid of your grandchildren open up to them as much as you can even though it may seem like nothing or not as important to you, it will mean more to them than you will ever know. Each memory you make is a heartfull to a child and they will cherish it forever. I have not gone religious or anything but I try to find my own way to meditate and thank God everyday that I am not sick or ill in anyway. I also thank him for giving me the strength to get through the hard part of life. I also thank Him for getting through everyday as I work because I have bad legs and it is hard for me on times to stand at one spot for a long period of times. I know this may sound like nothing at no where near what you are going through. But GOD is at our side always and he continues to watch out for each and every one of us. I am not sure if you are aware of it but years ago I was hit with a car as I was trying to get across the street and it was my fault. I was rushed to emergency surgery in St.John's of course I was only 8 at the time. They put me in a body cast for a year and told me I would end up in a wheelchair I would never walk again. Well I guess they were wrong because I am walking and it is in pain everyday that I do, but at least I am walking. My hips are killing me and I can not get any comfort at all on times but I have to keep going as long as I can and keep working as long as God will allow me to do so. As long as I have the strength and the love of my family and God I know that nothing will get in my way and that is the way that you have to keep thinking and praying. Faith is a very powerfull word and works in very mysterious ways. We all have faith to carry on with our lives. Remember your grandchildren need those childhood memories so make as many as you can and keep the faith going I know you can keep strong and stay healthy as long as you have all that love and God by your side. LOVE YOU

Lee-Ann said...

I feel horrible asking this, but I imagine it probably hurts to sing? It just about breaks my heart because your voice is such a healing gift. Do you know I can still hear it? Remember the time we sang Let It Be? That had to make God smile. I so loved your singing. That Gb youth group did so much more for us girls than you'll ever know. But with my passion for music, I would do almost anything to get to play guitar and sing with you again. Worshipping God with an old friend does good for the soul. I have no plans to visit NL anytime soon, but if I did, I would come see you. If you'd have me :) Still praying for you and will pray consistantly this week for your hard time ahead. God bless you. God bless you.