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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

After the MRI Entry 40

Monday December 6 and

Tuesday December 7 have Come and Gone.

These were two important dates for us.

Monday was MRI day at the Janeway,and Tuesday we would meet with Dr. Saytha to review the results.

I am getting well used to MRI's now.

I have had two scans at the Janeway,and one at the Health Science Center,and in all cases the staff have been really friendly and helpful.
Monday was a good day - a pleasant drive from Gander with my darling Karen. I was even admitted early. The rest of the day was for our Grandkids!

I can't say we were worried about the results,but both of us were a bit restless through the night.

On Tuesday we went to the Cancer Clinic to meet with our doctor and ENT specialist.

On arrival we followed our normal routine: Find a parking spot,put lots of money in the meter,head inside,register,then wait for two hours to see the doctor.
We joked about the waiting time with some other folks sitting by us.

Behind the reception desk we caught a glimpse of our doctor. It looked like he was reviewing something. When Dr. Smith joined him, I said to Karen: "Looks like everyone is on deck today."

Dr. Saytha glanced our way,then headed off down the hallway.

I was surprised when we were called reatively early. The nurse that greeted us was really friendly,asking simple questions and putting her arm around my shoulder.

In the exam room Dr. Saytha greeted us. He is a warm and caring fellow,who has proven to be very careful and thorough with his diagnosis and treatment. He seemed to be ill at ease,first asking how I have been feeeling,then telling me that he needed to take a good look,because my MRI had shown something serious. He said that he was going to ask Dr. Burrage to come in and have a look.


We certainly weren't expecting this!

Karen and I exchanged glances,as both our hearts began to sink.

Things happened very quickly.

In came Dr. Burrage

In came another ENT Surgeon (a new one to me)

In came two med Students

The nurse was there too,and our doctor. Within a few moments Dr. Smith joined us as well.

(I could write a song about this gathering)

Without a lot of discussion each of the doctors probed my mouth and throat with fingers and huge Popsicle sticks,all the time talking to each other and using all the Greek and Latin words that doctors love to share when they get together.

Things are really just starting to sink in when Karen calls "Hold on!" "Tell us what is really going on..."

So they do.

Apparently, they were gathering to tell me that the news wasn't good and that I needed immediate surgery because the treatments did not do the job.


They all agreed that what they were feeling inside my throat was soft,pliable tissue. Not at all like a tumour. Tumours tend to be hard,and rubbery.
That meant they were not sure what was going on.

They said so. It may be soft tissue - maybe dead tissue left over from the war we had just waged.

MIGHT or MIGHT NOT be a tumour.

It seemed logical to all hands to wait a little longer to see if the mass will change.

The final decision : I will return to St. John's in two weeks,and if the surgeon is not happy with what he sees,he will do a biopsy so we can discover if cancer still abides in me.

Merry Christmas!

Are we okay?

Well,.....at first surprised,worried upset. As time passed we put things in perspective.

What happened is really good news. The doctors are still looking for what is going on...not telling me that surgery is my next option.

I live in hope,and pray that you do too!


Anonymous said...

Not what we wanted to hear either but as you
said the doctors are still looking for what is going on and that is good news in itself. I am sure that doctors were a bit relieved as well to know that what they saw on the MRI and what they felt seemed to be two different things.
Thank you for being so open and honest with us.

marilyn said...

Keeping you in prayer .. God Bless my friend

Anonymous said...

We are still keeping you in our prayers and believing that God has a plan for your life and His Will will be done in His time......you are His child and He loves and cares for you....God is being glorified as you walk this journey with the grace you show from Him .....may He continue to Bless and strengthen you....love to you and Karen from us......
Art and Violet

Stella King Cumben said...

Ruts and potholes,Shadows and deep darkness.The journey of life can sometimes be very troubling.We stumble and have difficulty following in God's footsteps.We are fearful of the unknown.But God's Word reminds us to trust,to believe,to hope.He cares about our dilemmas,hears our heartfelt cries and will answer us in ways that will astonish us and fill our hearts with songs of joy.-"For I know the plans I have for you,"declares the Lord,"plans to PROSPER you and NOT to harm you,plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE."-Jeremiah 29:11 Blessings Stella

Anonymous said...

Hoping and praying that this turns out well for you! You have been on such a roller coaster ride..hope it comes to a safe landing soon Rev.John! God Bless...

Chuck Lockhart said...

Hi John,

Ruby and I share your disappointment. We both pray for you daily knowing that God answers in his own way and in his own time. I pray the Lord will guide the doctors in their diagnosis and lead them to the best treatment possible. It appears the journey is not over, but we pray that the worst is behind you.

God bless,


Geraldine and Baxter said...

We think about you and pray for you every day and we were so wishing that you would have had better news. Along with many others, we will continue to pray for you and please God, your next results will be brighter. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rev.Watton: My first visit wasn't that positive either, but they are probably playing it safe and giving you the worse case senario. On my second MRI it turned out only to be scar tissue. I'm sure it will be the same for you. Keep positive thoughts. I think of you often and I'll keep praying for you.

Darlene Blagdon